The town on the Bega river is in a continuous bustle and development. More specifically, the real estate developers are responding to the challenge brought by the need residential spaces, offices, and also to the desire of living in areas closer to downtown.

Thus, besides the Openville complex of buildings, the works have also begun for the project City of Mara and demarches are being made in order to obtain the permits for buildings on the site of the former factory Ilsa in Take Ionescu area.

The City of Mara project is actually a city within a city. What does it mean? It is basically a whole district integrated in the heart of Timișoara, on the Circumvalatiunii Boulevard, no. 1. Through this location, besides the development of the area, the project offers to its future residents the opportunity to have quick access to downtown, to work, school and shopping by the means of transportation. This is the way how the developer of the project has understood the concept of urban comfort that he wants to implement along with the residential complex.

Works on the City of Mara were started in August 2015 together with the complex’s promotion. On the official site of City of Mara are available information about the apartments’ projects and prices, sizes, ways of acquisition and about their interior design. In addition, depending on needs, possibilities and tastes, those interested in purchasing an apartment, can choose among the spacious ones with one up to three bedrooms.


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