We are delighted that the Swiss Corner products have become increasingly loved in Romania, and becausewe want to be closer to you, our customers, we are eager to meet you this weekend, September 26, 2015 starting with16:00PMat the new Swiss Corner store opening party from Brașov, on Republic street, no.15.

As you were already used from the previous inaugurations of the Swiss Corner stores, we have prepared a lot of surprises and promotions for our customers, starting with the most famous Swiss delicious chocolate brands, ceramics, Victorinox pocketknives, and of course the watches of famous brands such as Wenger, Mathey Tissot, Swiss Militaire and Andre Mouche.

In the Swiss Corner stores from the country, you can always find the inspiration for offering gifts to the loved ones, because of the wide range of products with Swiss specific, so appreciated by our customers!

For more details about the Swiss Corner store opening party from Brașov and about the active surprises and promotions of the inauguration of this event, access here!