Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara are the cities where the Romanian employees will receive the highest salaries in 2016, according the National Prognosis Commission data. Thus,in 2016, the average salary of the employees in the capital will reach a net value of 2,813 lei per month, which represents 65% above the average recorded on the national level and 7% over the level recorded in Bucharest in 2015.

After Bucharest and the Ilfov county (where the net salary is more than 2,300 lei), the highest salaries will be achieved in 2016 by the employees of Cluj, where the average of the net salary will reach 2,166 lei (7.8% more than in 2015), in Timiș, where the average of the net salary will reach 2,136 lei per month (7.5% more than in 2015) and Argeș, where the average of the net salary will reach 2,050 lei net (7.3% more than in 2015).

Expanding the factories of auto components and investment in the services sector, especially in IT, have generated more competition in the labor market in Cluj and Timiș, which caused an increase of wages becausefor the companies in the region have become increasingly harder to find candidates.

Besides, 2015 was the year when Adecco, the local leader on the market of recruitment and temporary employment, announced that in Transilvania, the demand for work-force is high, and the company has managed a project of moving a number of 1,500- 2,000 people across the country who were brought totemporarily work in the companies from Transilvania.

InArgeș, the wages growth has been and will be generated in particular by the bargaining power of the Automobile Dacia company’sunion which “sets the tone” in terms of wages in the region and in which the  wages have increased every year.

Only last year, the operators and officials from Dacia have received an increase of salaries of 150 lei gross.

In contrast, among the top counties where the Romanian employees will receive the lowest salaries in 2016 are Harghita (average net salary of 1,317 lei per month), Covasna (net salary of 1,398 lei ), Neamț (net salary of 1,456 lei) Bistriţa-Năsăud (net salary of 1,472 lei), Bihor (net salary of 1,490 lei), Vrancea (net salary of 1,492 lei) and Vaslui (net salary of 1,492 lei)

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