The range of delicacies in the Swiss Corner shops has been enriched with a new brand of chocolate. The Delaconte assortments have arrived all the way from Italy. New flavours and noble ingredients give it savour and wait to be tasted and enjoyed. Macadamia cream, shea butter, caramel, biscuits, mint, orange, these are the new flavours.

The packaging of Del Conte chocolate was certainly designed so that it could share these delicacies.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy pralines with various concentrations of cocoa and other flavours, as well as pieces of chocolate wrapped individually.

In order for the little ones to be treated equally, Del Conte has prepared for them rabbit and egg chocolate dragées. The magic of tasting these sweets can send adults back to childhood.

We promise not to tell a soul that we have seen them do this! All in all, chocolate is good for everyone so, we expect you, young and old, in the Swiss Corner shops in Brașov, Cluj and Timișoara!