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The residential complex City of Mara

The town on the Bega river is in a continuous bustle and development. More specifically, the real estate developers are responding to the challenge brought by the need residential spaces, offices, and also to the desire of living in areas closer to downtown.

Thus, besides the Openville complex of buildings, the works […]

The solar district from Bucharest – the real estate complex with green energy

The solar district from Bucharest is the sole and the largest green residential project, currently in progress in Bucharest and Romania. Built on an area of 90,000 square meters, the investment for this real estate complex amounts over 45 million. The construction has started in 2015 and, as it was planned, in 2017, […]

A new real estate project is getting ready in the Take Ionescu area Timișoara

As we have already been accustomedby the active real estate developers from the Western part of the country, the real estate works launched in recent years in Timișoara, are some of a large scale and complexity. In the same project, they include the residential buildings, buildings for offices and retail field, as well […]

The construction of the second Openville office building has begun

It has been started the construction of the second United Business Center office building, part of the Openville Real Estate Complex . This will be completed in spring 2017.

The building will have an area of 130,000 square meters, 11 floors and three facades, so from a panoramically point of view, they […]

Openville – the largest mixed-use real estate development project in the west of the country

Openville is the most complex and ambitious real estate development project that has been developped since last year in September. Starting from the concept of lifestyle center, the project worth 220 million euros expands on a surface of 594.000 square metres and will include office spaces, commercial spaces, a park and entertainment area.

Timisoara agriculture, a profitable business for German, Italian, Swiss, Polish and Belgian people

In the recent years, the investments in agricultural areas have become increasingly interesting both for Romanian farmers and foreign ones. Under these conditions, arable lands began to be popular despite the fact that since the beginning of year 2012, these have become more expensive with approximately 50 percent, registering the most spectacular assessment […]

A new real estate project in Timisoara

The Romanian real estate sector can offer a wide range of opportunities and for this reason it is very important to you to consultwith people who know the territory and are able to reap from the potential of the sector in order to find the best deals, and we are able to find […]