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Del Conte – Italian chocolate in the Swiss Corner shops

The range of delicacies in the Swiss Corner shops has been enriched with a new brand of chocolate. The Delaconte assortments have arrived all the way from Italy. New flavours and noble ingredients give it savour and wait to be tasted and enjoyed. Macadamia cream, shea butter, caramel, biscuits, mint, orange, these are […]

Opening the new Swiss Corner store from Cluj

We are glad that the Swiss Corner products have become increasingly popular, and for this, we want to be closer to our customers. We are proud to announce the event from November 21, 2014, when the opening of the new Swiss Corner store takes place in Cluj!

The Swiss Corner store opening […]

Opening the new Swiss Corner store from Brasov

We are delighted that the Swiss Corner products have become increasingly loved in Romania, and becausewe want to be closer to you, our customers, we are eager to meet you this weekend, September 26, 2015 starting with16:00PMat the new Swiss Corner store opening party from Brașov, on Republic street, no.15.

As you […]

Tell Agency and Swiss Corner present at Timișoara Business Days 2016

The highly expected event, Timișoara Business Days 2016 is an opportunity for every player from the local,regional, national and even international business environment.

Being an event dedicated to entrepreneurs, Tell Agency, one of the top agencies in Timișoara and Swiss Corner, the store with Swiss specific, took advantage of this opportunity being […]

Swiss Corner is preparing for summer with new glasses!

The Swiss Corner stores are preparing for summer. How? Bringing in Romania the HYPE glasses, trendy this year.

Since 2016, Swiss Corner has brought innovations in fashion and the sunglasses are the main attraction! Straight from the heart of fashion, Italy, HYPE glasses have arrived also in Romania, exclusively for Swiss Corner!

We will be present at the largest business event in the west of the country!

Either in 2016 we will not miss any special event from the west of the country, so a part of the Swisspoint group, namely Tell Agency and Swiss Corner will represent us to the biggest business event dedicated to entrepreneurs, managers and professionals.

The annual participation in this event isalso important for […]

The first carol singers to Swiss Point Group

December is a fairy-tale month in which stories are written in anticipation of Santa Claus. The great Christmas feast is also eagerly awaited at the Swiss Point Group headquarters. On this occasion, we have prepared ourselves the best we knew in order to welcome the cute little ones from the “Il Giocattolo” Association,who […]

The opening of Swiss Point Group office in Iasi

For Swiss Point Group, 2015 was a year full of achievements!

We are more than proud to announce you that, since November 1, 2015, we have been also present in Iași where we are looking forward for you to visit us, and us to come up with solutions in various fields, for […]

New home Tell Agency


Today, the 3rd of September 2015, we celebrate inauguration of new headquarters Tell Agency, in the building of Swiss Business Center, at 47C Bucovina. We will enjoy this event with our collaborators, partners, clients and […]

Kiccall becomes Tell Agency

Kic Call Center was born due to the necessity of a telemarketing service and due to the need of communication of the Swiss Point Group.

Later, we understood that this communication by telephone is insufficient in the absence of a visual identity and so we developed the online creative department that has […]