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Romanian real estate sector can provide a wide range of opportunities. For this reason it is very important to appeal to someone who knows the territory and is able to take advantage of the potential of the sector to find the best deals.

We are able to find the best solution for you, through a full service, having as final goal our customers’ satisfaction.

  • Brokering activities and real estate appraisal.

  • Fiduciary consultancy targeted for investment operations or disposal of real estates and/or securities.

  • Carrying out recurring activities of tax fulfillment to which persons resident in foreign countries are obliged to for land, industrial activities and service in Romania or instrumental properties.

  • Supporting the development of your firm internationally by establishing links with Swiss, Italian and beyond real estate markets.

  • Support in creating international trade relations and partnership enhancement with national and international companies.

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Fiduciary and legal consultancy services for foreign companies that intend to transfer their registered office or to detach a part of their entrepreneurial activity in Romania.

Consultancy when starting a company and careful examination for identifying the most appropriate legal form.
Advice and assistance for any issue regarding tax fulfillment and for optimum and accurate definition of the tax burden.

National and international tax planning based on conventional agreements between States, EU treaties, contrast rules of evasion and national, European and foreign countries jurisprudence.

Propensity of fiscal due diligence reports, tax opinions and preventive estimation of tax burden.
Consultancy for corporate restructuring operations and procurement/ disposals of holdings.
Fiduciary and legal advice for foreign companies with investments to be made in Romania.

SWISSPOINT COMMUNICATION born among us, thanks to collaboration with experts in the sector, has the task to decode and interpret the client’s marketing objectives, helping to define the reference target, brand positioning and identity, to direct all in the most effective communication strategy. Obtaining maximum outcome is our common goal. For this reason the study of creativity, choosing the most appropriate and an effective planning are fundamental.

  • Multimedia
  • Brand
  • Packaging
  • Web
  • ADV
  • Finance Comunication
  • Web Marketing
  • Event Organization
  • Photo Services
  • Media Relations


We are specialized in visualizing 3D models , simulating your projects with light shade parameters properly physically .


Our films convey emotions, lights and sense of space in a project, for example, displaying the time of day and the feeling of a cozy apartment which effectively allows walking in the project.


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The country’s natural resources are among the most significant in Europe, the market size (equivalent to 22 million inhabitants), its position among the largest in Eastern Europe, the population very strong predisposed to consumption, the strategic geo-economic position of the Country in centre south-Eastern Europe, the availability of labour force at a good market price, the fact that is an EU member from 2007, the old structural funds (2007-2013) and the new programming period 2014-2020, these all are the factors contributing to building foundations for the future development of the country.

In addition, Romania will be crossed by two European corridors, IV and IX, between Finland and Greece, for the construction of which will have to be invested at least 10 billion euros. The economy, of course – however stable from the economic, monetary and financial points of view (much more than any other country from the Euro zone) – is heavily dependent on foreign investment and the course of the international markets, but in perspective, considering the premises, it is possible to assume that in long-term, the potential of the country can find the possibility to express itself, contributing to its economic growth.

Cited: The internationalization and development programmein Romania for the period 2014/2020

SWISSPOINT FINANCE operates as an independent company of financial study. Precisely, this independence from any institution, allows us to provide an objective and free from conflicts of interest information to all products, services and business opportunities offered by the Romanian market.
“In the next seven years, Romanian construction market will reach its final maturity. Due to the substantial injection of European funds for infrastructure (5 of 22 billion globally available for the country) the business opportunities will increase in the department of waste products and energy.”

Despite the economic crisis, Romania continues to offer significant investment opportunities. Especially in the department of infrastructure and energy production, especially the renewable one, for which EU has provided funding of over 22 billion through the 2014-2020 development program.

Actuallythe access in EU and the derived community support, are the most powerful stimulus of development which this country had available until now and this stimulus represents one of the main ways to get rid of the economic crisis. Therefore, this is an unprecedented opportunity offered to the foreign entrepreneurs to further expand themselves in Romania, where Italy is the main investor State.


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